The Process

We want to fundraise with you!

Our fundraising cycle is an 6 week process. This allows 4 weeks for your community to make their product purchases and 2 weeks for production and delivery of orders to your organisation

Once you have downloaded our FUNDRAISING GUIDE, selected your fundraising category and set your start date – you are ready to start fundraising!


Set Up Fundraising

Go to our website > click on FUNDRAISING > Select START FUNDRAISING


Account creation

Enter your organisations details, contact person, fundraising details and select your fundraising category. Here you will also create your fundraising account. You will receive an email to activate your account.


Log into your Fundraising Account

From our fundraising page, click on the person icon located at the top right corner. Enter your account email and password you created. You will then see your account dashboard.


Fundraising documents & unique URL

When logged into your account click on FUNDRAISING DOCUMENTS. Here you will find your FUNDRAISING LETTER and under FUNDRAISER DETAILS your UNIQUE URL. This link is important as it is how your community will purchase their fundraising products for your campaign.


Start Fundraising

To KICKSTART your campaign, send the fundraising letter to your community. This includes your important dates, delivery information and unique URL.

Your community can then purchase their fundraising products ONLINE through our secure website. We manage the orders and transactions for you.

This portal remains open for 6 weeks for your community to purchase their products and will close on your agreed end date.


Track Your Campaigns Progress

Log into your account and go to FUNDRAISER ORDERS. You can view your orders, see your SALES TOTAL and your entitled FUNDRAISING BENEFIT to date.


Order Production

Once your fundraising date closes, we collate your orders and start to freshly bake them for your community. We allow 2 weeks to make your orders and deliver them to your organisation.



On delivery day, you will receive each order individually boxed and labelled, for you to distribute to your community members. Orders will be delivered to the agreed location.



We will provide you with a report outlining all your orders and your FINAL FUNDRAISING AMOUNT. We will call you to arrange payment to your organisation on delivery day.