For 20 years, Dulwich Bakery has been supplying fantastic bakery products to the South Australian community through its retails stores. We are a South Australian owned and operated family business.

Our products are made with high quality ingredients and are PRESERVATIVE FREE so you can be confident your community will receive delicious, freshly baked products.

We have been supporting local organisations and schools with their fundraising efforts for many years and continue to do so. Over the years, our interactions with organisations continually highlights how much time and effort is required to organise sausage sizzles, quiz nights and the like.

Our solution, is a specially designed and fully automated online fundraising process, through our website, that requires little time from the organiser. Your time is valuable and we have the systems and resources in place to make fundraising for your worthy cause easy and enjoyable.

When you fundraise with us at Dulwich Bakery, your organisation’s fundraising benefit is 30% of the total sales.

We manage your orders and transactions online via our secure website. A big draw card to this system of fundraising is that you the organiser, will not have to chase payment from your community members.

We would love to fundraise with you and have a downloadable FUNDRAISING GUIDE detailing all the information and ready to present to a committee if required.

If you have any questions, please ENQUIRE HERE or call us on 8243 0477.